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The Metra Archive
RTA - CNW - CMStP&P - GM&O - IC - NW  - CR Chicago Commuter Trains 1977 - 1993
Regional Transportation Authority - Chicago and Northwestern - Milwaukee Road - Gulf Mobile and Ohio - Illinois Central - Norfolk and Western - Conrail

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GM&O F3 Plug to Joliet

CNW 40th St Shops 1985

Mayfair Tower 1982 CNW F7

Mayfair RTA E8

Homewood IC Highliner

IC and South Shore



GM&O Joliet Plug F3

NW Orland Park Canonball equipment

CR Valparaiso 1

Norfolk & Western

Conrail Valparaiso 2

CR Valparaiso equipment move with SW1

Milwakee Road E9 North Line at Morton Grove IL

AB9 Des Plaines


Elmhurst F7

Mayfair E8

Mayfair AB8

CNW 40th St Shops

40th ST



40th St

New F40PH's at 40th St 1977

Joliet 1978

CNW Madison St Station




CNW Station

CNW Station

Western Ave

Norwood Park

20th Century Club Fairwell to the E Excursion


40th St

Deval Tower Des Plaines

California Zephyr

California Zephyr

Western Ave

21st St NW Orland Pk Cannonball

CR Valparaiso GP9

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